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                                            COMPANY PROFILE





                                                the second pharmaceutical machinery factory in the city of taizhou is a member of "chinese pharmaceutical equipment committed" the member unit. is located within the boundaries of old city taizhou gao gangqu, with rather passes, the beijing to shanghai highway and a yangtze river level of opening harbor taizhou port neighboring, the amphibious transportation is convenient.
                                                for several dozens years, persist humanist, the scientific management, positively is engaged in new product development, succeeded successively has developed dw-90, dw-35, dw-15, dw-10, dw-5, the dw-1 production and center the small experiment solid dr-op pill machine, and had the honor to receive the national monopoly product. originally by produces the middle and small scale drugs manufacture mechanical honor nation. already formed the grinder, the mixer, the pill machine, the sugarcoating machine, the pelletizer and so on seven big series several dozens varieties experiments, the production equipment, widely was suitable for profession and so on drugs manufacture, chemical industry, food, scientific research and each big colleges and universities. deeply user communities" faith and high praise. the enterprise more than 10 years have the honor to receive continuously "the superposition with, defend the credit", "the good faith enterprise" and so on the honor.
                                                the product covers each place, sells in distant markets country and so on southeast asia area and europe and america.
                                                our motto is "the quality first, the user is supreme" the ob-jective; "the good faith, the innovation" is a goal which we pursues. serves wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign new old customers, hopes with the people from all walks of life absolute sincerity cooperation, altogether will cr-eate the future.